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I have been in the haircolor industry for 16 years. Six of those years I worked at Douglas J Salon in Okemos, where I was a color specialist. Eight of those years I worked backstage at the International Haircolor Exchange where I got first hand experience and knowledge from other professional haircolorists from all over the world.

With my experience, education, and passion for what I do, I am confident in my ability to provide you with a service unmatched in our area. Does your colorist ask you where you part your hair? Or how satisfied you were with your previous color? Do you want small or large streaks or do you want it to look well blended and natural looking? All of these questions should be asked during your consultation. I have a portfolio of the work I have done on clients and I use it to ensure that my vision matches my client’s expectations. If my client does not have a clear vision, this portfolio can be used to find new ideas.

What is a Board Certified Master Colorist?

I am one of 21 Board Certified Master Colorists in the state of Michigan. A Board Certified Master Colorist is an individual that has passed a stringent test mechanism. The test mechanism is established to measure the competence of the applicant’s haircoloring skills. The purpose for establishing certification is to recognize those individuals with a greater degree of competence from those who have not yet reached a higher level. Clearly, there are various levels of competence in haircoloring. Our goal is to recognize those individuals who have gone the extra mile to become the very best in their craft. To the consumer, the term “Board Certified” is recognized as being a higher level of competence.